Mallorca October 2015

This is the pre cursor to my attempt to ride in a straight(ish) line from Barcelona to Britain. 

All the pre trip worries about putting “El Cockerel” in a cardboard box in Manchester airport and monarch airlines transporting same we’re on this occasion unfounded, thanks to the guys at 👍

Eventually arrived at the apartment in Port de Polença. After the bureaucratic issues of getting the box on the bus! Chasing up & down the airport from one desk to the next to make a payment (Card! Not cash) and produce a piece of paper etc etc. Found a supermarket cooked pizza and unpacked “El Cockrel” ready for a few days easy riding in the ☀️sunshine☀️  

“El Cockerel” looks more like old chicken in the sunshine without panniers. The coast road from Port de Pollença to Alcúdia is a very popular breezy ride beside the seaside. 

Day1 – 7th October 

headed To the south and going inland from there are quiet flat lanes through the marshes of s’Albufera.  

The only problems to encounter are the dogs watching over the watery small holdings. It’s amazing how fast one can accelerate to 25mph! Dogs usually give up at 23- that’s my experience in this day! They also don’t like being squirted from the water bottle. That takes quick thinking and a steady nerve & aim. Not also the 1st thing that comes to mind with a set of snarling teeth heading for your naked calf! 

Beyond the marshes is the pretty town of Muro.   

THe recently resurfaced road the Sineu makes the incline moor acceptable. The church on the top of the village has fantastic views. Below in the town square , if it’s not Wednesday (market day)  

is a perfect bike stop with several cafes including this one which usually has plenty of space and coffee n buns for cyclists.  

Follow the lanes north through Lubí 

Which has a nice square behind the church, the cafes are full of sunshine in the morning but shadowed after lunch. Worth remembering if here when it’s hot. 

Continue the lanes through Búger, again a cycle welcome place with cafes along the Main Street and underneath the rather dull church 

Crossing the main Palma to Alcúdia motorway the road goes steeply uphil to Campanet the big square has several welcoming cafés. Down the other side the lanes are now well marked along the very pretty (but rough in places) Campanet lane towards Pollença. A left and right at Polença golf course gives a well signed quiet route back to Port de Pollença

Day two th ! 8th October

This isn’t what you want to find when you bite in breakfast bread roll! 

 Dr Ramis Matas came highly recommended as a good English speaking dentist in Port de Pollença. Not easy to find as they practice from a residential block at Vicenç Buades 54, 1A, Port de Pollença, 07470. 

Fixed an appointment for 10:30 had dressing and excellent service. Managed to get back on bike before 12 to take the Campanet lanes to meet old friends Keith & Jan for lunch in the square. Met Barry going on opposite direction, quick chat. Held up by local race by Coves road. 

Lent phone to Danish cyclist who had lost his wife ! And made it for a pleasant lunch only a couple o mins late ! 

After lunch travelled back through Búger and explored the centre of Sa Pobla. Big square in centre promoting its version of Oktoberfest. Decided it wouldn’t help my cycling prep! Headed out towards s’Albufera. Started off on right lanes past orange groves, vineyards and all sorts of fruit n veg growing in the fertile ground. One field just planted with lettuces ! It October! However had to check map as I missed a turning! Route end is a series of zigzags leading to coast road. 
Day 3 – 9th Oct

Dull cool cloudy morning after previous nights rain. Short run after lunch to Formantor and beyond. It’s steep up with steep downs in both directions. 

The dramatic rocky voids on the side of the road attract lots of tourists in hire cars looking at the views not at cyclists. Beyond Formantor the road goes left up towards Cap Formentor. Passing through wild scrublands where the very big, four horned, wild goats roam freely. 

Unfortunately there is a 100 m long narrow unlit tunnel going uphill. Without lights I turned back here. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone without GOOD lights. 

Returned to Port de Pollença for tea and to watch England continue thier 100% Euro qualification campaign. 

Day 4 10th October 

There are many meeting points for cyclists in Port de Pollença & Alcúdia. 

Two favourites of mine are outside Tollo’s on the bay front and Prohire Cycling behind the Fergus Park Hotel. The 9:00 starts suit me. Others are earlier & later. 

On this day there were about 16 riders. We set off south and the group split near Muro. 6 of us continued on the quiet lanes to Santa Maria. Good choice of cafes and bars on the Main Street of this busy town which also has a well stocked bike shop. 
The return route though rich vineyards on the foothills of the Tramantuna mountains took us through Selva, along a short section of cobbles and into the back of Campanet.  

 Following the Campanet lane back home. Via yet a different route at the end across s’Albefurnet. 

Day 5 11th October 

Rocked up to Tollo’s today along with 30+ others.   

The big peloton rolled out of town following the bay road south. By the time we hit Alcúdia (8miles) it had split in two! Through the lanes of s’Albufera it divided again. When I mentioned to Barry that I had never been to Petra he immediately suggested we went there as it goes over some of the prettiest lanes on the island. He didn’t disappoint as we circled the outskirts of Santa Margalida. Throgh the centre of quaint Ariany with its multi faced church.

  Past stinky pig farm and sweet smelling orchards. The views were great and the lanes deserted. Apart from the occasional wasp. I got stung on the lip. Not nice 😝.  

 Petra with its big tree lined square and large fountain in the middle has a cafe on every corner.   
 The place was full of like minded cyclists enjoying the place. The lanes back give a magnificent view of Sineu church above the town
Crossing the new railway several times we passed through the edges of Llubí and Búger. Turning right to avoid the steep hill up to and the rough road down from Campanet. Barry showed me the way via Coves de Campanet and yet a different route through s’Albuferanet. Back to P de Plloença. 

So that was the end of my 250 mile warm up in the sunshine.

Back to the apartment I set about rebuilding El Cockerel into touring mode.  

 Washing everything possible ready for the journey ahead.



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